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Pharmacopola is a private scientific publisher from Poland. We publish the proceedings and books of abstracts, scientific monographs and journals. We offer the copyediting, typesetting and text makeup


Pharmacopola is an imprint of Aleksander K. Smakosz.

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  • Phytochemical screening of Cenostigma microphyllum (Mart ex G. Don) E. Gagnon & G. P. Lewis (Fabaceae) — Edward Teixeira Albergaria, A. F. M. Oliveira; Brazil
  • Ethnopharmacology of the genus Taxus — Aleksander K. Smakosz; Poland
  • Aspects of disinfectant formulation in the galenic laboratory in the pharmacy — Veronika Šimunková, PharmD, PhD, ,Daniel Krchňák, DiS; Slovakia
  • Ethnopharmacology of Amanitia muscaria — Wiktoria Kurzyna, Poland
  • The importance of essential oils in the galenical preparations — Daniel Krchňák, DiS; Slovakia
  • Women’s milk throughout history — Paulina Szczygioł; Poland
  • Ancient pharmacy also solved erectile problems — Mikuláš Bartal; Slovakia
  • History of beta-blockers drug class — Piotr Krzysztof Sadowski; Ukraine
  • Lactoperoxidase as a new molecular target in infectious oral diseases — Marcin Magacz, Wirginia Krzyściak; Poland
  • The genus Anthemis—medicinal use of a nonmedicinal plant — Velislav Kotevski; Bulgaria
  • Modern synthesis of polymers used in pharmacy — Michał Rudko; Poland